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Toddler Fashion…

So i’m trying to have my toddlers dress them selves and it can be a little challenging….View full post »

Toddlers talking like adults?

Lately the vocabulary of  both my two year old and three and half year old has been surprising me. They use MY phrasesView full post »

My baby girl drools a lot!

My baby girl drools A LOT! I literally have to change her oneies over nine times a day just from drool and occasionalView full post »

Best chair for a toddler…

So I orginally bought this chair for me since I was getting bigger and it’s harder to sit on the floor for longView full post »

24 Weeks Pregnant

I thought I would do a little update on baby #2 at 24 weeks pregnant, I’m still not feeling 100% but gettingView full post »

Stuffed Mushrooms Easy Appetizer Recipe

These have been a real hit and i’m always looking for EASY recipes! I’m a big fan of pictures so I here areView full post »

Easy DIY bookshelf!

So I actually found this on pinterest and it’s AWESOME! My son LOVES books and they say they will read the booksView full post »

Baby #2 Gender Reveal!

Its a girl! So for some reason I could have sworn that this baby was going to be a boy, I felt that I was feeling theView full post »

Creative way to announce baby #2!

So i’m proud to say that we are expecting baby number #2 in April and we wanted a fun way to announce it to familyView full post »

Baby’s first words…

So I was bound and determine for Newbie baby to say “mama” first…we practiced everyday for 3 months.View full post »

Dad vs. Mom in Parenting…

So it has occurred to me on a couple occasions how different my husband and I’s  thought patterns are in regardsView full post »

Many translations of the word….No…

So Ryan is almost 10 months old and he is definitely attempting to push limits….Particularly with the dog bowls. IView full post »