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Baby #2 Gender Reveal!

Its a girl! So for some reason I could have sworn that this baby was going to be a boy, I felt that I was feeling the same as I was and I thought I was even carrying the same too! We are so excited! Here are some sneak pics of the ultrasound!


I figured I would do a belly bump picture too….and I actually have a funny story to go along with this belly bump pic…so this is the exact outfit I wore to the airport…

16 weeks

I had a guy at the airport over hear my conversation about me being pregnant and he came up to me to ask me how far along I was…”about 4 months” I said and his reply was, “oh wow my wife is 4 months too but she isn’t showing AT ALL, not like you…” All I could think of to reply to that was….”um….you really blow up with your second?” It definitely caught me off guard that’s for sure!

I’m a little behind on my week bump photos so here is 20 weeks too!

20 weeks


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