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Blame it on the baby!

I had no idea that babies could fart so loud! I mean he’s just a little guy, how is he making all those sounds? ItView full post »

don’t wake a sleeping baby…

I’ve noticed that you have to be incredibly skilled to be able to maneuver your way off the bed, or the couch, orView full post »

Pooing Machine…

Ever since I had Newbie Baby I’m constantly learning new things every day. For instance, this little bundle of joyView full post »

I thought swaddling would be a little easier…

“Just wrap your baby up like a burrito!” ummmm….that is not so easy…While at the hospital everyView full post »

40 Weeks Pregnant and Delivery Story

So I can’t believe I made it 40 weeks..and 4 days to be exact. And I decided today I was going to get my membraneView full post »

Making a Phone Call…

I guess I never thought I would miss someone answering the phone “normally”…let me explain…I&#View full post »

38 Weeks Pregnant Progress Photo

I can’t believe i’m just 2 weeks away!!! It’s crazy! So a little update: So far no contractions yet,View full post »

Going to a concert 8 and half months preggo!

So my husband got me tickets to my favorite band BEFORE we knew we were pregnant, and I asked my doctor if it was okayView full post »

Some serious nesting going on….

Everyone keeps asking me, “so are you ready for the baby yet?” and I would tell them honestly, “notView full post »

Just when you think you can’t get any bigger…

I remember telling my cousin at telling me at 28 weeks how big I thought I was and she would tell me….”ohView full post »

35 Weeks Pregnant Update Photo and Summary

Sorry about the blurry pic….night time shot How far along? 35 Weeks Your baby is the size of a coconut its’View full post »

What is on my shirt?!?!

I couldn’t have imagined how many things you have to get used to when your belly gets bigger. As I mentioned inView full post »