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Portable jumping activity center…

I’ve had to explain to my husband that I need to buy “stations” so I call them. Little things to keep my LO busy while I can wash his bottles or just relax for a minute. Since he is so active I bought a couple things that not only keep him entertained but wear him out a bit.

So I love the little einsteins jumping activity center, but you really have to be committed when you set that up because it becomes a pain to take up and down and the darn thing doesn’t fit through the door way.

image (6)

This jumping doorway thing is pretty fantastic but once you get on the door way you really don’t want to move it from door to door:

image (5)
And then the best for last, this “go pod thing” folds up in seconds and I can take it anywhere in the house. It would also be good to take it a park or outdoor as well.

photo (22)

photo (23)

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