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Some serious nesting going on….

Everyone keeps asking me, “so are you ready for the baby yet?” and I would tell them honestly, “not completely, but getting there…” Then for some reason I was looking at the calendar and I realized….OMG I”M ONLY 29 days away!!!  So needless to say, i’ve gone on super nesting mode, put together the bassinet, got the carseat base in the car,  (and practiced removing and putting in the carrier), got a glider, bought all the essentials, like diapers and wipes and such…Now I just have to get a pediatrician and I should be all set. I still can’t believe it’s only a couple weeks away! So during this time, I did ALOT of research, and here are some top items you will need immediately when bringing home a newborn:

1) Car Seat- this is a must, they won’t even let you leave the hospital if you don’t have it properly installed

2) Diapers

3) Wipes

4) Diaper Cream

5) Bassinet (something for the baby to sleep in)

4) onesies (6 pack)  and socks (the kind that fold over, I heard they stay on better), sleep sacks (heard these are awesome makes changing in the middle of the night easier)

5) burp cloths

6) mittens (so they don’t scratch themselves)

7) formula (if your not breastfeeding)

8) breast pump ( i was wondering whether to put this as a necessity at first but I think I’m going to get one)

9) Bottles (especially if you formula feed, and if you pump)

10)Boppy pillow (they recommend bringing this to hospital if you plan on breast feeding)

11) swaddle blankets

12)  Nursing pajamas ( you need this at the hospital, I was told to get “nursing pajamas” not just regular, it make your life easier)

13) lanolin oil, for your nipples

14) breast pads, for the leaking….

15) glider/ rocking chair, I heard this was pretty important, not sure if it’s something you need right away, but it can help get the baby to sleep

Have I forgot anything? I probably have…what did you need ready right when you got home with your newborn?

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