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21 weeks Pregnant Summary and Update

How far along? 21 weeks and 2 days  Baby Size:Pomegranate (According to the bump) Total weight gain/loss: stillView full post »

Transitioning to Maternity Clothes…

Ill never forget when I couldn’t fit into my normal size pants….it was horrible! I had a big meeting thatView full post »

Saved by the baby….

So I really really hate cleaning bathrooms, and it just so happens that chemicals are not good to be around when yourView full post »

Pregnancy Nesting…

So there are some typical questions that people ask when your pregnant and the latest one has been, “So do youView full post »

20 weeks Pregnant Picture and Summary

How far along? 20 weeks and 2 days  Baby Size: Banana (According to the bump) Total weight gain/loss: Gained 10View full post »

Best Ovulation and Pregnancy Apps

So pretty much as soon as I got a positive pregnancy test I turned to my iphone to start searching for apps….I&#View full post »

19 Weeks Pregnant Picture and Summary

How far along? 19 weeks  Baby Size: Mango (According to the bump) Total weight gain/loss: Gained 7 pounds (138)View full post »

13 Weeks Pregnant Picture and Summary

How far along? 13 weeks  Baby Size: Peach (According to the bump) Total weight gain/loss: same weight MaternityView full post »

Where are all the maternity clothes??

So probably the most frustrating thing i’ve experienced lately is the lack of maternity clothes. Not to mentionView full post »

When should you start to show when you are pregnant?

So I must of googled “When are you suppose to start showing?” hundred of times, because for some reason IView full post »

8 weeks pregnant and the morning sickness is starting to kick in….

I guess I’ll never forget the day my morning sickness (or as I like to call it “all day sickness”)View full post »

I’m pregnant! Are you sure?

So your first pregnancy test came up positive…and well you might as well take another one sweet heart becauseView full post »