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Another attempt…

  I should have learned from the remote control, but this is 10x worse at decieving a baby. I have to admitView full post »

Deceiving a baby….

So my son absolutely loves the remote control and of course that’s not a great toy to give a teething baby…View full post »

Pooptastic! Funny Baby Poo Explosion Animated Comic

So I’m pretty sure i’ll never forget the day when I had my first Baby Poo Explosion Diaper Change…It&#View full post »

Baby Weight?

So i’m still working on losing the last few pounds from my pregnancy and I really really hate going to the gym! AsView full post »

How to make an amazing Video and Photo Collage Movie of your baby with your Iphone!

I used to think I took alot of pictures and video on my iphone but it is no where near what I take today since I haveView full post »

Baby’s favorite part of a toy…

Usually when i’m at Target I can’t help myself but get a fun toy to bring home to my bundle of joy…andView full post »

Spit Bubbles

Starting solids has been an interesting experience. Newbie baby has not been too hip on eating out of the spoon, I thinkView full post »

Portable jumping activity center…

I’ve had to explain to my husband that I need to buy “stations” so I call them. Little things to keepView full post »

A boy and his dog!

So We have a shepard mix and he is really been amazing with our LO…I couldn’t help but share these pics!View full post »

Baby Death Grip

I’m always amazed how much much muscle my little guy actually has and how much he will refuse to let go!View full post »

What a horrible smell…

So I thought when my LO (Little One) was breast feeding I thought his poo smelled bad…and my cousin would tell meView full post »

6 Month photo collage!

So I found these cute little number stickers to put on the oneies on Amazon but they also have some great ones on etsy!View full post »